About Us

The Stuart Feakins Trust was set up in memory of Stuart who loved life. He wrung every last ounce of value out of every day, he had an insatiable appetite to learn and experience new things. More than that he wanted to share his love for life with others. He was dedicated to working with young people in Hackney who had not enjoyed the opportunities he had.

Stuart loved anything and everything. He loved music and sport- particularly football. He loved traveling, getting back to nature and hanging out with mates.

Stuart Feakins“To Stuart football wasn’t only about the match. It was about the camaraderie and friendships made before and after games. This was more important than the result. Stu was always the last person changed after a match because he spent so long clowning around in the showers! Stu’s other great love was music. He pursued it with the boyish enthusiasm that characterised his life. He only had to see a bongo drum at a festival and he was off! If you went to a gig he’d have to get as close to the stage as possible to fully enjoy himself. I’m sure you’ve all seen him on a dance floor. No matter what the song he was always moving at twice the speed of anybody else, having the time of his life! He would often have 2 or 3 places to go on any given night and he’d usually manage to make an appearance at all of them. He couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on a good time.”

Stuart wanted to provide the very best support to young people in Hackney. He believed in making a difference – however great or small. One of his amazing qualities was his ability to really listen to and understand young people, share their passions and help them realise their own ambitions.

Stuart died 2/1/08 aged 41. The Stuart Feakins Trust aims to capture some of Stuart’s joy of life and commitment to young people in Hackney.