Andy plans an epic journey for his brother

Andy Feakins (Stuart’s brother) plans an EPIC and emotional journey……..
Himself, Simon Thurston and Daniel Cocklin are planning to ride from Denia (East Spain where Stuart passed away) to Hackney. This was the return journey that Stuart never made and they aim to raise significant sponsorship for the Stuart Feakins Trust. This is a 2200+ km journey including a trip over the French alps.

The journey will begin on Tuesday 20th September 2011 and will be arriving in Hackney on Sunday 2nd October 2011. There will also be an opportunity for fellow fundraisers to join the team and ride the Dover to Hackney (1 day, Sunday) leg or Paris to Hackney (3 days, Friday to Sunday). This will be a great challenge for those interested and a wonderful way to raise some money for The Stuart Feakins Trust.

If you are interested, get in touch and we’ll keep you posted with the upcoming details.

3 thoughts on “Andy plans an epic journey for his brother”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Good luck with your EPIC ride! Let me know your route through Spain and I’ll do my best to join you somehow, somewhere along the way to the French border.

    All the best,

    Mike Barker.

    (in Barcelona)

  2. Hi Andy,
    Wow Stuart would be so proud and desperate to do it with you. Good luck and I’d love to sponser you but not sure how? Will explore the website some more. Don’t forget your deep heat and lots of treats for on the way.
    Julie XXX

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