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TSFT ‘Sponsored’ Winner of the Voice 2014

The SFT has been informed and is proud to say that the winner of the Voice 2014, Jermain Jackman, was one of the students we sponsored at the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School.
For several years the SFT has been funding a group of students at Anna’s school. Jemain was the recipient of our funding and has now gone onto great things.

Please keep supporting us and the good causes we sponsor, download our monthly standing order form, BE A PART, PLAY A PART IN THEIR FUTURE.

Owen raises over £1500 for the trust!

A HUGE congratulations to Owen Griffith for running not one, but TWO Half Marathons in one month in support of the Stuart Feakins Trust (and raising over £1500 in the process). Owen completed the first leg of his journey in the Sheffield Half Marathon, before returning to Hackney to compete in the Hackney Half Marathon on 10 May.

Owen said, “Stuart was a dear friend who is deeply missed by us all, and the Trust continues the work that was so important to him.  He was an inspirational man who achieved great things for the young people of Hackney.”

We’d like to thank him for his amazing efforts. Please keep supporting us and the good causes we sponsor, download our monthly standing order form, BE A PART, PLAY A PART IN THEIR FUTURE.

Andy plans an epic journey for his brother

Andy Feakins (Stuart’s brother) plans an EPIC and emotional journey……..
Himself, Simon Thurston and Daniel Cocklin are planning to ride from Denia (East Spain where Stuart passed away) to Hackney. This was the return journey that Stuart never made and they aim to raise significant sponsorship for the Stuart Feakins Trust. This is a 2200+ km journey including a trip over the French alps.

The journey will begin on Tuesday 20th September 2011 and will be arriving in Hackney on Sunday 2nd October 2011. There will also be an opportunity for fellow fundraisers to join the team and ride the Dover to Hackney (1 day, Sunday) leg or Paris to Hackney (3 days, Friday to Sunday). This will be a great challenge for those interested and a wonderful way to raise some money for The Stuart Feakins Trust.

If you are interested, get in touch and we’ll keep you posted with the upcoming details.

Annual General Meeting

On Friday 24th June The Stuart Feakins Trust held its second AGM at the Florence Pub in Islington.

This was an important moment to mark the Trust’s progress in fulfilling its vision of helping children and young people in and around Hackney to benefit from sports, arts and learning projects that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

During the evening the audience heard inspiring presentations from two of the organisations the Trust has supported.

John Larter from Hackney Primary Schools Football Association talked movingly about the impact on young people’s lives of being able to participate in the Jersey Festival of Football.

Nadia Hoque from the Hackney Learning Trust shared stories and photos from a six-week horse riding course for children with complex learning needs.

And in a charity raffle, AGM attendees won a bounty of DVDs kindly donated by Universal Pictures.

The AGM looked at forthcoming fundraising projects, including the sponsored cycle ride from Denia in Spain to Hackney lead by Andy Feakins (Stuart’s brother) and his friends Simon Thurston and Daniel Cocklin.

Interested in becoming a Trustee?

Would you, or somone you know be interested in becoming a Trustee for the Stuart Feakins Trust? It’s a chance to really make a difference to the lives of young people in London which was something that Stuart was so passionate about.
With the AGM less than a month away could you let me know asap. If you want to know more please contact me by email: or phone: 07905 296627.

SFT funds local horse riding session

On Monday, June 9th, Norman and I were invited to the Lea Valley Riding Stables to see ten disabled children have their fourth riding lesson. Each child was accompanied by a responsible adult and other helpers were on hand to give assistance.  

The children came from the following schools: Millfield; St John & St. James; Lauriston and Seabright. Lessons are held Monday and Wednesday mornings. 

The group were divided into two, so that five rode at a time, while the others had a snack in the canteen.  

As it was such a beautiful day, after a brief trial walk around the exercise arena, the horses and riders were led into the grounds.  

One beautiful little girl, who had great difficulty in walking by herself, sat upright and confident once placed on the horse. She was so much at ease, one could be forgiven in thinking she had been riding for years! Several others were timid and unsure at first, but they soon relaxed and began to enjoy themselves once the horses were moving. It was obvious that contact with the animals had a positive affect on all the children – their happy smiling faces said it all.  

We were given a copy of a book each child would receive as a memento, and for follow-up work and discussion . It contained photographs, symbols and words describing their riding experiences. Later, at school and home they would be encouraged to share their personal thoughts with friends and family.  

The children gained a good deal from this project and we sincerely hope the Learning Trust can offer further support in the future.  

We also had a good time and were pleased to be invited.  

Dorothy and Norman 

Learning Trust Staff raise over £1,000 for SFT!

Thanks to the efforts of Tracy Spallin & Jemma Hobbs they have raised over £1,000 in two separate raffle competitions with Learning Trust employees

Stuart Feakins Trustee Steve Herbert said “What a fantastic gesture by Tracy, Jemma and many of the colleagues within the Learning Trust to raise such a substantial amount of funds”.  It is appreciated by all the Trustees and we will ensure that every last penny raised, goes to benefiting many young people and organisations to make a difference to those projects”