Activities & Ideas

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Organise a local pub quiz, have a team entry charge and ask people to donate a few prizes to raffle on the night
  • Organise a ball for all your friends and family
  • Organise a party for your and your friends’ children and charge a small entry fee and charge the adults for drinks and snacks!
  • Organise a local football derby and charge a team and spectator entry
  • Have a dinner party and ask your friends to donate money to taste your culinary delights!
  • Ask your local school/church to donate to The Stuart Feakins Trust through their fetes, coffee mornings etc
  • Ask colleagues to bring in sandwiches for their lunch, and donate the money saved to the charity.
  • Swim, slim, shave your head… ask colleagues and friends to raise sponsorship for you in a fun way.
  • Invite an ‘expert’ or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds of his sales to The Stuart Feakins Trust.
  • Stay in for an evening and donate the money saved to The Stuart Feakins Trust
  • Green Day – Get everyone to wear green and pay £2 for the pleasure! Or only eat vegetables for the day. Or organise a community litter pick.
  • Expert Seminar: Invite an expert, or well-known personality to donate their time to give a talk or performance. Charge admission; sell refreshments; and auction a signed book or photograph.
  • Auction of Promises – Try to get people to donate a promise of their time, use of their belongings, or to donate a gift. You can even ask people to donate themselves and auction them as ‘slaves for the day’.