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The Stuart Feakins Trust aims to work with young people in London to enable them to experience new things, define their aspirations and help give them the tools to achieve them!

We work with and support local organisations in reaching young people that have the least opportunities. We want to support innovative, active and fun ways to achieve these objectives; reflecting Stuart’s passions for sport, film, music and outdoor activities to bring about real positive change.

The Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School

The Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film school was set up to give young people in inner city areas of London lessons and training in the performing arts. The weekly school undertakes a range of activities adhering to a strict timetable of drama, singing, dance, film and set/costume design, with all lessons given by leading industry professionals.

“We firmly believe that if you want to keep young people away from the dangers of gangs and crime it is far better to provide a meaningful distraction that also gives them aspirations and skills that can be used in any work environment” Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film school

The school has given great hope to many young individuals, some of whom have gone on to have successful careers in the performing arts. The Anna Fiorentini Agency has secured professional work for many Hackney residents, including 4 year contracts with the BBC’s EastEnders, West End shows, such as Simba in The Lion King, Nipper in Oliver and featured roles in other television dramas including Rev and Top Boy to name a few.

The Stuart Feakins Trust has offered financial support to five pupils who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to attend. All five sponsored children will be performing in the annual Anna Fiorentini Variety Performance at the Hackney Empire on 22nd September 2012.

Last year the school successfully launched its charitable arm The Fiorentini Foundation and hopes to have a long and fruitful partnership with the Stuart Feakins Trust.

For more info:     www.annafiorentini.com

The Hackney Schools Athletic Association: Jersey Football Festival

The Hackney Schools Athletic Association (HSAA), a group which gives children the chance to take part in extra-curricular sports, visits the Jersey Football Festival every year and in 2011 The Stuart Feakins Trust helped fund the trip for the children. The children flew to Jersey to play against teams from all over Great Britain and even a team all the way from New Zealand. All the games were keenly contested with each group of players showing respect for their team-mates, the opposition and officials, essential ingredients of festival football.

Over the years, ten full England Internationals have played in the Jersey Festival, including Tony Adams, John Terry, Michael Owen, Theo Walcott and our very own Ugo Ehiogu, who all have happy memories of the Festival. The HSAA gives children the chance to follow their footballing passion and the Jersey Festival lets them put their skills to the test.

John Larter MBE of the HSAA spoke of what the children learned from taking part in this competition:

“Developing a sense of responsibility to themselves and others, ability to self manage, pride in appearance and performance, how get on with other children and adults, good teamwork, learning to win with humility and to lose with good grace”

The Stuart Feakins Trust continues to support the HSAA to invest in the interests of young people in the Hackney area. In Thanks of the The Stuart Feakins Trust John also added:

“Schools, teachers, parents and the boys themselves had all worked with fundraising activities with generous support from other individuals, businesses, Charities and schools. In particular, our grateful thanks go to our main sponsors for the tour, The Stuart Feakins Charity, and to The Learning Trust for their continued interest and support”

Horse Riding Sessions for Disabled Children

On Monday, June 9th, Norman and I were invited to the Lea Valley Riding Stables to see ten disabled children have their fourth riding lesson. Each child was accompanied by a responsible adult and other helpers were on hand to give assistance.

The children came from the following schools: Millfield; St John & St. James; Lauriston and Seabright. Lessons are held Monday and Wednesday mornings.

The group were divided into two, so that five rode at a time, while the others had a snack in the canteen.

As it was such a beautiful day, after a brief trial walk around the exercise arena, the horses and riders were led into the grounds.

One beautiful little girl, who had great difficulty in walking by herself, sat upright and confident once placed on the horse. She was so much at ease, one could be forgiven in thinking she had been riding for years! Several others were timid and unsure at first, but they soon relaxed and began to enjoy themselves once the horses were moving. It was obvious that contact with the animals had a positive affect on all the children – their happy smiling faces said it all.

We were given a copy of a book each child would receive as a memento, and for follow-up work and discussion . It contained photographs, symbols and words describing their riding experiences. Later, at school and home they would be encouraged to share their personal thoughts with friends and family.

The children gained a good deal from this project and we sincerely hope the Learning Trust can offer further support in the future.

We also had a good time and were pleased to be invited.

Dorothy and Norman Feakins

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